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Posted on 04-02-2018

How Our Chiropractor Can Help With Shoulder Pain

When you have shoulder pain it creates mobility issues, muscle tension, and loss of functionality in your life. You want to find a solution—and fast. Yet drugs and shoulder surgery are the last things you want to turn to. This is where Joga Chiropractic Center comes in. Here at our chiropractor in West Los Angeles, we offer safe and effective shoulder pain relief. 

Man with shoulder pain while at work.

What are the Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain typically stems from the repetitive use of the rotator cuff or torn muscles. Both of these conditions lead to inflammation in the shoulder, which creates swelling on the nerves in the shoulder and upper back. As a result, you experience pain, tingling, muscle weakness, and numbness. 

How can I Prevent Shoulder Pain From Occurring?

By protecting your musculoskeletal system using chiropractic adjustments, you can help prevent shoulder pain. Regular realignments ensure your shoulder muscles and the joint is in the correct position to reduce inflammation. By visiting with our chiropractor you can also benefit from early detection of shoulder injuries or repetitive use injuries. Early detection enables treatments to begin immediately for less pain in the long run. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment by Our Chiropractor in West Los Angeles

Here at our chiropractor in West Los Angeles, we focus on realigning the musculoskeletal system using an adjustment. This helps alleviate swelling and pressure caused by inflamed tissue. We also work to correct posture or remedy lifestyle choices that are related to shoulder pain. For example, if you work at a computer for 40 hours a week without proper ergonomics, this is an area we can help you correct for improved shoulder functionality. 

Contact a Westchester Chiropractor 

If you are ready to experience all-natural shoulder pain relief in Westchester, the Joga Chiropractic Center wants to assist you. Dr. Viktorija Joga offers drug-free relief for shoulder pain for the whole family. Contact our office today at 424-800-2488 to schedule an appointment. We are currently offering a free chiropractic consultation for all new patients, so inquire about this special deal.

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