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Fibromyalgia and Chiropractic Care

Muscular aches and pains throughout the body, headaches, fatigue, "brain fog," cramps -- these and other symptoms may add up to fibromyalgia, a chronic health problem that can ruin your ability to work, sleep, or simply enjoy life. Fortunately, the chiropractic care and complementary natural therapies offered at Joga Chiropractic Center can provide you with safe, effective pain management against this mysterious, potentially debilitating syndrome.

No one can say for sure why some individuals suffer from fibromyalgia. It seems to run in families, affecting more females than males, and it may have to do with biochemical abnormalities that cause an unbalanced nerve response to ordinary pain signals. As part of this heightened sensitivity to pain, fibromyalgia sufferers typically suffer from tender spots in all four quadrants of the body. Patients may also have to cope with chronic insomnia, headaches, bowel dysfunction, memory impairment, numbness, tingling, lack of energy, and faintness or dizziness. In some cases a person might suddenly develop fibromyalgia after a particular trauma or period of stress, while in other cases the telltale symptoms come on gradually with no identifiable trigger. All of this makes fibromyalgia a difficult problem to treat and to cope with.

Chiropractic care offers drug-free relief for fibromyalgia pain, stiffness and other troublesome symptoms. Our West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor will first evaluate your spine to look for any misalignments that might be throwing your body out of balance -- a problem that can easily make fibromyalgia pain worse by increasing muscle strain and impairing nerve function. Spinal adjustments can then be administered to restore the body to a straighter alignment and better posture.

This alignment work benefits fibromyalgia sufferers in two critical ways. First, by taking unequal stresses off of the musculoskeletal system, our West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor can help make your muscles less prone to the formation of painful knots. Second, by taking unwanted pressure away from sensitive nerves and nerve roots (not to mention the spinal cord itself), chiropractic care improves your body's ability to talk to itself via the complex network of the central nervous system. The more normally your nervous system can function, the less trouble you may have with the hypersensitivity issues that contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms.

Natural Pain Management at Joga Chiropractic Center

In addition to chiropractic care, our West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor may prescribe complementary therapies to enhance your pain management routine. Certain forms of massage therapy, for example, support chiropractic fibromyalgia treatment by breaking up muscle knots as they form. Even though fibromyalgia is a chronic situation with no current cure, periodic chiropractic visits can help you keep your symptoms under control -- giving you the opportunity to enjoy daily life once again.

Talk to our West Los Angeles and Westchester chiropractor at Joga Chiropractic Center about natural pain management and symptom relief for your fibromyalgia. We will be happy to set up an initial consultation with you and help you take that first step toward reclaiming your quality of life.

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